Rhône varietal wines from westside Paso Robles

Our Story

Since 2008, our passion for wine has been insatiable.  Taking every opportunity to learn, taste, and experience wines from around the globe.  The desire to continue expanding our appreciation for wine drove us to divert from our daily routine, risking it all for an opportunity to craft something that we can call our own.  In 2014 we took a chance, and so TOP was born. 

We are first generation Latino-Americans.  Our families collectively are from El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico.  Our parents arrived to the states with the same common goal - pursuing opportunity for themselves and their children.

Growing up we were taught to be grateful for the little that we had, learning much about life from the environment we were raised in.  The most important thing we learned from our family and culture is that dedication and hard work will always pay off.  With this in mind, we scripted our goals, made many sacrifices, and followed our dreams.