Rhône varietal wines from westside Paso Robles
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About us


Stanley Barrios was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  He was influenced by music, art, and food as a child and could have equally entered any of those occupations when he discovered wine.  He became a wine connoisseur and collector in his mid-twenties, traveling to learn more of wine.

While traveling, Stanley would seek the opportunity to speak with the winemakers, picking their brain on the winemaking process.  How clone selections, elevations, soil types, trellising systems, and yields play a roll on a wines identity.  The fascination of such complex nuances was intriguing to him.  It was this hobby and his love and respect for wine that made him want to make his own.

Stanley received an opportunity to work in the cellar for Nick Elliott of Nicora as an intern in 2013.  He used what he learned in the cellar, put into practice what he had taught himself of winemaking and combined it with his experience as a connoisseur to now craft the wines for TOP. 




Elena Martinez was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She loves nature, animals, people, and entertaining. 

Elena was first introduced to wine while working hospitality as a teen and early twenties.  At a young age she noticed her co-workers affinity to wine but was too young to understand the hype.  It wasn’t until she experienced her epiphany wine that made her see things differently.  Not long after this discovery she moved to Oregon and began to indulge in all things wine.  It was at this time that she began realizing how expressive wines are of the region they come from.  This is where her journey to continue exploring wine regions and varietals started.

Now Elena strives to provide personalized service at TOP.  While managing social media accounts, she is also behind all TOP events and manages all legal and compliance for the winery.

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