Hand crafted Rhône varietal wines from westside Paso Robles


2018 Offering



Syrah | Adelaida District
100% Syrah | 50% New French Oak
35% whole cluster fermentation

2015 TOP Exert

Notes: Our 2015 Exert Syrah is bright and alive currently showing its extreme youth.  With its fresh fruit flavors and smooth round mouthfeel it displays both black and red fruit that coats the palate carrying a finish of very fine tannin with a pop of acid on the finish.
Nose: Baking spice, violets, hibiscus, cranberry, boysenberry, plum, pepper, cardamon, rhubarb
Palate: Black cherry, smoke, cola, raspberry, bittersweet chocolate, allspice

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Vintage Chart

Some consumers prefer their wines fruit forward, bold and robust, while others tend to favor rustic wines of character, complexity, and nuance. We created this vintage chart to let you know when our wines reach their optimal drinking window - or the median between the two extremities.

If you prefer your wine young and structured, the Drink/Hold window may be your preference. If your palate favors wines with secondary aromatics and flavors, and pairs well with food, the Drink Now window may be the beginning of a favorable period for you. The Drink window of our vintage chart is when we enjoy our wines. We recommend letting our wines open in your glass during this window which should continue to evolve after every 30 minutes of air.

A word to the wise..

Our palates vary on occasion but more often than not we find ourselves decanting wines 9 times out of 10. We feel wines are more expressive with a bit of air in their first seven years of life, but not all wines are created equal. In this case, a general rule of thumb for us is to taste right after opening to get a gauge on the wines youth, then decant for 30 minutes, pour about four ounces in a glass, sip and let the wine open in the glass while the remainder of the wine in the decanter continues to breathe and evolve.