Rhône varietal wines from westside Paso Robles

Our Name


As children you may recall playing with a spinning top.  What is known to be the oldest toy in history and typically for the impecunious, is easily transformed through craftsmanship while keeping its simplicity in concept and design.  Its intentions are to keep spinning steadily while maintaining balance within itself. Simple, yet complex and intriguing. 

Our professional endeavors in making wine is no different.  Transforming simple ingredients such as grapes, and elevating it into a handcrafted elixir, creating a shared experience for open conversation and enjoyment.

We named our winery TOP, after this toy.  It reminds us of what we want to achieve in our personal lives.  Our pursuit to appreciate the simplicities of life, although in continuous motion - like a spinning top - we strive to maintain balance and enjoy the moment.