Rhône varietal wines from westside Paso Robles

Our Identity


A true, exceptional wine cannot be controlled or contained. Climate, geography, viniculture and winemakers’ intent all strive to shape what is in essence a living, unpredictable thing.

Yes gorgeous, luscious and inspiring - but independently its own thing. Unpredictability though is a two sided coin entertaining both the terrible and the fabulous. Factory wineries respond with standardization and the safety of blend uniformity. Those who suppress risk however, yield mediocrity and choke the inspirational vintage.

TOP understands a beautiful wine is born from the terroir of chance. Keenly intimate with the earth and vines of Paso Robles, TOP harnesses the reins of the unexpected to produce the remarkable. Like the independent spirit of a great wine, those who take smart risks, those open to chance’s guiding hand, are most highly rewarded.

The top will fall where it wants. Ignore chance and shun the maximal life.

So go ahead, take a spin, open a bottle of chance - can you stand the anticipation?


We are TOP. Masters of chance.